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"Let the algorithms work for you – Effortless earnings with AI-driven trading strategies for your Demat account."

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Welcome to Algo Angel, where innovation and financial expertise converge to reshape the future of trading. We are a dynamic team of seasoned professionals, technologists, and visionaries committed to revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses engage with financial markets.

Adaptability : Whether the market is moving up, down, or sideways, our algorithms are designed to navigate and capitalize on every trend. Transparency : We believe in open communication. Our transparent approach ensures that you understand the strategies driving your investments

How to use

1. Sign Up & Login

Just click Sign Up button fill your details, then you recive your login credentials on your registered email id, and you are ready to login. (please change your password after first login)

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2. Connect your Demat account

Just chose your sebi registered broker from dropdown menu fill api credentials click on add button thats it, your Demat account is connected now. If you don't have Demat click link below to open new account...

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3. Chose your subscription plan.

Select your strategy & subscription plan by clicking strategy tab from sidebar menu, you are now ready to make consistent & passive income.

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ROI Running as of now

Profit % in last 2 months Dec-2023 To Jan-2024

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Profit % in month of Dec 2023 (19 trading sessions)

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Profit % in month of Jan 2024 - Till 24-01-2024

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How It Works

Just need 5 minute a day to start with your login process and authorise algo to take trades by clicking connect button on your dashboard before stock market opens

Algo software will take trades once condition meets according to the deployed strategy

You can see taken orders in order tab & live p&l in Demat tab in sidebar menu as well as in your broker app too

Once the pnl reach its desired levels algo will close all trades automatically

That's it your passive & consistent income started to generate

You can start stop algorithm at any time with trading on / off button from Demat tab in sidebar menu

Why choose us?

We share our daily results...

on our social media platform with full transperancy.

We have experince...

of last 20 years in indian stock market & 5 years of algorithmic trading.

We use hi speed...

servers and AI-powered softwares for trading automation.

Expertise You Can Trust:

Harnessing a wealth of experience to bring you top-tier algorithmic software services.

Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Technology

Keeping you ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in algorithmic software.

Data-Driven Excellence:

Our algorithms are built on data-driven excellence, ensuring superior performance.

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